High resolution weather model


Hover over the symbols to access the information:

 Weather forecast from a high resolution WRF model. Information is shown as an interactive chart plotting a selection of variables.
 Skew-T diagrams and 48 h evolution derived from the WRF model at 4 km resolution. The chart can be animated and the figure enlarged on a new window when clicking on it.
 Skew-T diagram from the new GFS 0p25 model. There are additional points in the Pacific and inland, visible when reducing the zoom level.
 Hydro-meteorological stations from the Huasco River catchment.
 Most recent METAR report from the indicated airport.

The map can be expanded to full screen by clicking on the symbol on the upper right corner. The map base layer can be changed from satellite to relieve with the layer selector on the upper right hand corner.

Zoom by using controls + - on the upper left corner. You may also zoom by double-clicking on the map. 


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